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Take the opportunity to share your country or destination with others, have fun while you do so.


You get to travel to great vacation spots while also getting paid for it, If you work hard, you may get good tips


You get to interact with other people as well, which if you enjoy can be a very lucrative opportunity.


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Whenever someone books your listing, we would send you a notification via your registered Email address.

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Posting a Tour, activity or any other related services requires you to be a verified partner user.

How long does the verification process take?

After a successful registration, all partner users are to proceed to get verified. this can be done on your user dashboard, it takes (2 – 3 hrs) to get verified.

Why can’t i see my listing on Rovess?

All listing posted to Rovess pass through some process to get approved, if you have received an email about the rejection of your listing, kindly contact us as soon as possible.